The management board of Craft NI were presented with a major task earlier this year (2019). That was to identify and appoint a new Director for the organization, to lead us through the current post-merger issues and establish Craft NI as the primary organization involved in the development of the Craft Sector in NI. We identified CO3 Chief Officers 3rd Sector, as a perfect ‘fit’ to lead this task. The result was exactly what we had anticipated, a positive outcome within a very short timescale! We worked very closely with the Chief Executive Nora Smith. Nora was highly professional and adept in the way in which she was able to address concerns raised by committee members and bring the task to a successful conclusion. Her effective management of the various meetings also facilitated the necessary progress. Personally, I found the whole process as smooth as I had could have expected. I would recommend CO3 and Nora Smith to any company or organization about to begin a similar ‘journey’.

- Rory Shearer, Chair, Craft NI

C03 Recruitment Service were fantastic to work with. As a recruiter they delivered a highly professional service to Stepping Stones NI understanding our diverse employment role instantly and the values of the organisation, which mean so much to us. Through C03 we found the perfect candidate who is bringing so much to our organisation! A perfect match!

- Paula Jennings, Chief Officer, Stepping Stones

…an excellent job by CO3 managing the whole process professionally on our behalf. All were excellent candidates from very different backgrounds, however one candidate came through with an unanimous decision.

- Alan Branagh, Chair, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland

As a candidate I was struck by the quality of CO3’s interactions with me and the rigour of the selection process they ran for their client.

- Tim Magowan, Interim Executive Director 2019, Corrymeela